3 Awesome Tools for Product Managers

I try my best to keep myself informed about beautiful, functional new products that are introduced to the market everyday. As a product manager, this serves as a useful barometer on the pulse of design and technology but I admit that I just love the process of discovery in itself.

Unfortunately, nowadays recommendations on a lot of the so-called unbiased or community based websites turn out to be nothing more than content marketing inserts like this.

A Typical Quora Post

I admit that sometimes these marketing schticks are quite informative and they are thankfully quite open (mostly) about their vested interests. But I think there is value in a recommendation made with no motive other than to help someone else discover something awesome. Over the next few posts, I’ll share some products that I’ve really enjoyed either working with or just looking at.

Disclaimer: I am an enterprise product manager working on a B2B Invoicing product and so have absolutely no interest or benefit from promoting or recommending the below products.

Starting off with 3 Awesome Tools for Product Managers. These tools will help you become more productive, effective or might just serve to get your creative juices flowing.

  1. Craft.io

    Aah! Beauty!

    Craft.io is a very beautiful and thoughtfully designed Agile Product Management tool. Some of the things I simply love about Craft:

    • The design is simply stunning both aesthetically and functionally.
    • From the moment you signup, its very clear that they have put a lot of thought into the clean state of the app. This is something I always value when evaluating any tool. If you can’t easily enter your data to get started with a tool, it really doesn’t matter what other impressive things it can do.
    • Craft is very clear about what it is and what it isn’t. Craft is a place for all the stakeholders on a product team, to come together to create, analyze and discuss the product’s artefacts, roadmaps and stories. Craft is definitely not a place to do detailed project management, marketing analysis or bug triaging. Unlike some other products (ahem *Jira* ahem)
    • Now here’s the best part, for 1 product and upto 3 users, Craft is completely and totally free. This is a real standout as it is the only product management solution that has a freemium option.
  2. Intercom

    Intercom is by far one of best platforms I have ever encountered. A disclaimer though, I have never actually used Intercom as a customer. But I have encountered it on numerous other sites or applications as a user.

    Showing Value with Cuteness

    I love simply everything about Intercom from their philosophy, way of working, amazing blog content and cute website animations. At less than a $100 per product for an unlimited user license it provides massive functionality at a fraction of the cost of other products. I would love to be able to actually implement and use Intercom in the future and hope that they continue to revolutionise the CRM space.

  3. Bitbucket

    Bitbucket was originally an independent company before being acquired by the Australian tech giant Atlassian. Bitbucket is a cloud-hosted, enterprise grade code repository.

    A Bitbucket Screen

    However, unlike its more famous competitor Github, Bitbucket has a couple of pretty awesome things going for it. To start off with, Bitbucket is free for any team of upto 5 users. Which would make it the default choice for any sensible startup or hobbyist (Including yours truly). And when I say free, I mean free and with all functionalities that are available for paid users (minus a few really advanced ones that you only really need if you are way larger). Bitbucket, also (again differentiating itself from Github) provides support for non-Git repos technologies like SVN and Mercurial.

    The tool itself is very usable, fun and easy to setup. I will always appreciate how their well-designed help enabled me to setup up SSH push for my projects (including this blog).

I’ll be posting many more useful tools (for PMs and in general too) in the coming months.