Shouting From The Rooftops | Public Key Cryptography

Whenever my friends are splitting the bill for a vacation I prefer having my cash transferred to me online. In 2016, most of us are comfortable doing online transactions, at least, with people we know. There are still a few holdouts though.

Recently after returning from Goa, a friend insisted on giving my share in cash. I couldn’t keep that much cash at home, so I had to deposit it in my bank. I hate having to go to the bank. When I asked him, he told me he never uses electronic payment mechanism. He doesn’t trust the system. He was certain that the moment he logged in there would be an army of spammers, phishers and con artists out to get him.

He’s right about that. The system might not be trustworthy either. What you can trust though is mathematics. Specifically the mathematics behind public key cryptography.

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