Considerations in B2B Product Management

As a Product Manager, I have always worked on B2B products. Ever since I was first introduced to product management as a term, I have devoured any article, post, book or podcast I could find on it. These resources have been a treasure trove of information, best practices and have helped me tremendously in my product management journey. But, over the years I have realized that a lot of this content is written with certain risky assumptions -

There is no difference between B2B and B2C product management.

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Trends in Software Product Development

I’m not a developer. I’ve never been a developer. But I’ve worked with a lot of them since I began my product management career. Software developers are my favorite people to work with as I share their basic ethos. I abhore sloppy work. I whole-heartedly embrace the craftsmanship approach. As do most software developers.

Recently I got to thinking about how software engineering as a whole will change in the next five years. So I did what comes naturally to me when I want to think through something…..I wrote it up. It’s pretty short. Let me know what you think I got right or wrong - @ngphadke. I guess we will know either way in 2023 anyways!

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A Toolkit for Product Managers

Managing a product in an agile environment is like juggling flaming torches on a unicycle crossing a trapeze line being yanked by a maniacal clown. It’s fast, chaotic and demands relentless focus. Luckily for us, in 2017, there is a proliferation of tools (most of them free or at least freemium) that help to tame the chaos.

Unfortunately, a parallel phenomena nowadays is tool overload. A feast of options, along with the usual content marketing noise by people promoting their own products often makes people give up in despair and go back to using Word, Excel and Powerpoint (which are pretty awesome too if used properly).

Here’s the list of tools I use in my day job as an actual Product Manager.

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Discovering Product Management | My Calling

I have always envied people who know exactly what they want to achieve in life. You know the people I’m talking about. People who have known from a very young age who they are and what they will do. It gives your life a purpose. Besides if you want to excel at something, the more time you put in the better.

Think of the legendary 10,000 hours of practice required for mastering anything. If you started practising when you were 13, 15 or 20 you are off to quite the head start.

I have never had that unshakeable conviction. That used to be a big let-down for me. Like I was missing out…falling behind. That is until a few months back, when I realized in a sudden blinding flash (well actually it was over a couple of weeks) what my calling was.

I am a product manager. A What? A Product Manager.

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My Beautiful Prompt | Using Prezto & ZSH

From xkcd

I took my first baby steps on the command line about two years ago when I had to diagnose problems with remote installations of the IIoT application I was working on. But it wasn’t until a few months ago (when I switched to MacOS & Ubuntu), that I truly appreciated the power and awesomeness of the command line.

I’m still was astounded how many programmers are just OK with their ugly, inefficient default terminal prompts. In this post, I’m going to describe how I shifted away from the defaults and designed an efficient, customized and beautiful terminal prompt.

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